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Upgrade the 2nd Server
The 2nd server was never built to run what it is currently running. The parts it is lacking is proper hard drives. The hard drives it is currently running on is 2 Seagate Barricudas that were manufactured in 2005. We need 4 WD Enterprise 1TB 128MB Cache HDD's to upgrade this server.
Repair the 3rd Server
The 3rd server needs a new motherboard and 4 new hard drives. You guys can look up the cost of these on newegg to match what im asking for. 1 x ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 Motherboard 4x WD Enterprise 1TB 128MB Cache HDD's
Buy Database Server
The databases are all running on the same servers that host the minecraft servers. This adds additional stress and resource consumption along with placing the database data in danger if anything were to happen to the minecraft server it is on. Help us buy a new database server!


Alright lets get into this! There has not been a massive update post on apoc in a long time due to the chaos going on behind the scenes and trying to figure out wtf to do on apoc. So lets get into it.

First of all lets talk about my new series of modpacks I have been working on. Apocalyptic Adventures goes above and beyond to give you the ultimate RPG experience in minecraft. Like hexxit? You wont after playing this! While this pack was inspired by hexxit in many ways the main reason for its creation was due to the lack of effort on technics end. For years I have awaited the release of Hexxit II only to find time and time agian their hype train is nothing but a lie. So i made this.

AA has a custom world generator, client optimizations, optimized shader pack, over 70 dimensions, and enough gear and enemy monsters to keep you satisfied for days if not weeks. The pack has a party system, chat system, cosmetic gear system, and much more. It also features custom dungeons, villages, interactible villager npc's, special bosses generated across the worlds and in special dimensions, and a improved The End and Nether.

AA was supposed to have quests and thats still on the table. I just need someone willing to work on making quests for the pack. If you want to do something like this please contact me via enjin PM. Thanks.

Voting on APOC has always been revamped over and over to satisfy the players in every way possible. It started out as a simple diamond per vote, to getting multiple items, econ, and exp per vote. To having an entire ranking system just for voters. And now I have cranked it up a notch more for voter kits and voter rank kits.

Voter kits will be like all those Pay2Win servers only less over powered and you dont need to pay for it. Its free, just vote! Of course we wont stop you from donating for them ranging from $5-$15 but the requirement from voting is very small. Tier 1 kits start out at 100 points Tier 2 is 200 and Tier 3 is 300 points. The point system will be setup to be 1 point per vote so people do not get confused by this. With this change all vote points on the website will be wiped.

Unlike the Pay2Win servers out there ours are shortcuts into the pack. They offer you a small amount of items, blocks, or machines to jump start your adventure into that specific mod. It is not intended to make it so BAM you beat the mod by getting the kit. No we want to avoid that. We will also not have any type of tools, armor, or weapons on any kit unless the server is strictly RPG based like Hexxit. We do not want to give anyone a huge instant advantage over other players. So this means you wont find any kits with modular suit upgrades, or quantum suits, or any type of extremely advanced gear that is end game content.

APOC has always been for the most part non Pay2Win. We offer ranks that give you pets, convenient commands, and even limited creative mode to aid you in building that sweet home of yours but block it so that you cant share items or have players get resources from breaking your placed creative blocks. Everything from every rank has been carefully thought out and tested.

Voter ranks will also get their Loot Kits. These kits will give ranks 3,6,9,12 their own kits which will provide 4 types of ingots x16 for each kit. The first starts out as vanilla and the other 3 go into server specific ingots until the last one goes into the rarest ores/ingots you can find on the modpack. These loot kits can be used every 48 hours.

Voting on APOC is about to change. A lot. The vote sites are like cockroaches with over 400+ listed vote sites on our vote page management of this is nearly impossible to do. So the network will be switching to a global ranking/permissions system which also allows for a global voting system. This will be primarily for the 1.6.4 and 1.7.10 networks. The older servers such as Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Lite, Hexxit, and Voltz will still have their own vote sites and will be separated from the rest of the vote sites on the voting page to make sure no one confuses them. Global voting will work like this. Every 1.6.4 server will have 1 vote page per site to vote on. So 1 listing on PlanetMinecraft 1 listing on MCIndex, etc. You will be allowed to vote for these 25-30 vote sites one time each per 24 hours. The vote will then count towards all servers on the 1.6.4 network. So it doesnt matter if you are on YCC or AGS you will get your reward.

Permissions on apoc is a nightmare. With 16 servers and over 40 ranks on the network it has to be setup easily so that changes can be made on the fly. So if Rank A needs permissions for this new plugin just slap the perm nodes in for that rank and all ranks inherit the permissions. Sadly even though this sounds easy a lot of permissions are scattered in the wind and not applied to ranks correctly and this all needs to be fixed.

We also need to fix the permissions and ranking system to be on a global scale not dependent on the individual server. This will greatly improve the convenience of voting on every server.

So if you guys find an issue with a permission (not having access to something you think you should) please let me know via enjin PM.

I am currently setting up APOC to be more secure and convenient in many ways. 1.6.4 will finally get that fancy bungee network i said i would make a long time ago but ran into some issues with my own networking equipment bottlenecking my progress with it. I have finally found a solution that not only fixes the issues of making and setting a bungee network up for 1.6.4 but also gives the entire apoc network better security.

The 1.6.4 network will be setup exactly like the 1.7.10 network. Hopefully better as time goes on. Basically this means inter-server communication. If theres no staff on 1 server but theres staff on another server well guess what? You can now ask staff from across servers to answer your questions or request help from them. Many staff on APOC are globals and if you ask a global on another server for help on yours they can hop onto your server and help you out!

This also opens up the possibility for mini games. No we cant have mini games on the modded servers but we can have mini games on the HUB of the network!

Overall I am working on a lot of stuff. From servers to modpacks to the website. All in all i am but one man doing all of this so it takes a lot of time to do the things i do. But I am planning on making a few more servers as things get finished around here so stay tuned for that!

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to post them below in the comments or PM me on enjin.

APOC Gaming NetworkDonor Ranks / Rank Purchases:

Alright first off lets start with the shop ranks. The global shop is the only shop right now until we finish the other shops 1 by 1. This way it avoids someone from buying something that is not completed and we end up having a hell of a time trying to get things fixed for you. The global shop is a TINY bit more expensive ($2.50/$5.00/$7.50 more per tank/tier) but it does cover the entire network and it is setup correctly.

The descriptions have been updated and I am still working on finding all of the commands for each rank to add those to the descriptions as well. I understand how a lot of people saw the ranks and thought "$30 for just this?" Well that is because only 1/4th of the rank was described. Now about 50% to 75% is described on there and hopefully soon it will be 100%.

The new ranks were a very big change. We went from 1 rank to 11. The purpose of this was to split the rank up into smaller, cheaper ranks and make it easier for someone to upgrade to another rank without emptying their bank account. Before you had 2 choices. $15.99/mo or $250 for perm. Now there is monthly ranks starting at $2.50 and permanent ranks starting at $10.00. The benefits are spread out a lot but this is to make it more affordable for people and to pick and choose what rank best suits your needs.

The rank prices have dropped. A LOT! Due to being able to split them up into tiers further splitting up the features per rank we can remove things like the plugin boosts, kits, personal worlds, etc and make it cheaper. T1 doesn't have anything i just mentioned. While T2 has plugin boosts and T3 has 2x plugin boosts, apoc set kits, personal worlds, etc.

Global ranks will no longer automatically setup personal worlds, this became a problem when someone bought a global rank with a personal world and every server had a world setup for them when they never even played on that server. Now you have to request the world to be created for you.

The features that make up the tiers will be also available soon for individual purchase without the need for a rank. This will make it so that you can get a apoc set, personal world, or plugin boost without the need of getting a rank on the shops.

Voter kits will soon be setup on the individual shops. These kits will be for purchase and free by using your vote credits you gain from voting. There will be 40 or more kits per server and will grant people a shortcut to advance in the mod through machinery and blocks. They will not include anything that will give you a instant advantage over others such as armor, tools, weapons, power suit upgrades, machine upgrades, etc. The point is to reward our voters for their contribution to the network with blocks that would help them advance in the modpack. I have no intentions of making this a "Click, Receive, Beat modpack" scenario.

Staff Recruitment:

We are mass recruiting staff and what this means is we are going to be less strict on the requirements. Currently you need to be 20hrs/wk for mod 30hrs/wk for admin and 35hrs/wk for deus. This is being reduced to 15hrs/20hrs/25hrs. However we still judge you based on the effort you put into your application so please be detailed and professional. Please answer every question accordingly and do not answer multiple questions with a single sentence.

Global positions are ONLY AVAILABLE for current staff! You need to apply, be approved, and let us see how well you can do your job before we can think about accepting a global position. If anyone has applied for global and got instantly denied, this is why.

Positions are open across the board for all servers. Mods, Admins, Deus Admins, Programmers, Youtubers, Streamers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, etc.

Not all application pages are finished yet, if this is the case please use the server moderation application and explain what the application really is for in the comments section of the application.

Holiday Sale: 25% off Global Shop Permanent Ranks from 11/26 - 1/5!

Along with the massive reduction in prices for the ranks they are going to drop even more for the holidays. Get permanent ranks 25% off the current prices on the global shop starting at 11/26/15 to 1/5/16. I will work hard to try and get the upgrades setup for this sale as well.


Permissions have been an absolute mess lately especially with towny and factions. And i want to clear the air on some things that will be fixed soon. The towny and faction worlds should not be accessible until you are voter rank 3. This is achieved by getting the free lvl 1 upgrade on the global shop and voting for the server you are on. When you reach 25 votes your rank will increase. This is being changed to 15 votes per rank upgrade instead of 25. The 25 number was picked because we thought we would have much more vote sites to vote on, but as it turns out we barely have 10 per server. So this is being lowered to compensate for that.

SO! You CANNOT make a faction or town unless you have a donor rank that unlocks it or have a voter rank by voting enough times to unlock it. Anyone who has issues with now with accessing chests in factions or "cannot switch in wild" in towny. This is because you do not have the current rank that is needed to use those plugins.

This was done to encourage voting. Because not many servers are PVP based or have factions or towny we figured players could get a short start by playing PVE in sanctuary while voting for a few days to gain access to the PVP part of the server. This way they are prepared for whats to come. They got a home, gear, and resources to start their PVP adventure.

New Rank Plugins:

I am constantly trying to find more ways to improve the experience of my supporters on my network but keep it at a point to where it is not that overpowered from a normal player. I will be adding virtualpack, mypet, idisguise, morelife, and particle effects to the table soon. Some of these will not be available on older versions of minecraft but I will try my best to get as much as i can working across the network.

if you have any plugin suggestions for player or donor gameplay or benefits please feel free to comment below. This network was built on the communities suggestions.

Advertising / Youtube / Streaming:

Now a lot of people think we don't like people to record on our network, its the opposite. We encourage anyone to record, live stream, or advertise us anywhere on the internet as they see fit.

If you are a youtuber or live streamer and make a series about apoc on your channel or channels contact us and we can talk about adding your channels to our website for advertising and also talk about partnering up on youtube or twitch to do lets plays together.

APOC is more than minecraft, its everything. If you play a video game it falls under APOC's banner. We have people who play LoL, Diablo 3, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Starcraft, CS:GO, and many more. Just because our network hosts minecraft servers doesn't mean that's all we do. Ask around, find some people to play with. Join our steam group, come on teamspeak and play together with our staff and players. APOC is about bringing gamers together to have fun and meeting new friends.

Gaming Divisions: Expanding APOC out of Minecraft

The goal is to make gaming divisions where there is a division leader for a specific game. This division leader will recruit members for the division and will control their own teamspeak channel, forum, etc. I play a lot of video games myself whenever i have free time and i got friends who do the same. I want to make it so people do not feel obligated to play minecraft on APOC because we are a minecraft network.

If this goes through and we start getting people into these divisions I can see about getting servers setup for some of these games. I have plans on setting up servers for Ark: Survival Evolved, CS:GO, Terraria, Space Engineers, Starmade, Rust, GMOD, and more. But to do this we need people to run them and keep players happy.

if any of this interests you please contact me and we can talk about the future of our gaming divisions.

That's all the news i got for now, thanks for reading this far and i hope any questions or concerns were answered in this post. If not feel free to comment below and i can reply as soon as i can.

Don't forget to check our website out, vote, donate, apply for staff, or contact me about our future gaming divisions!

See you soon!

The prices for everything on the global shop have been reduced. Everything is cheaper from the scribes to perm ranks.

The monthly ranks are 1/4th of the price of the perm ranks.

Grab a APOC rank today and help support our cause!

drunkripper And then for one server everything will be 25% off of the global price. the prices are expected to be updated by Friday ...
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