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The Merge

Hey everyone!

You may be wondering who I am, and might have even seen me hanging around the shadows lately. My name is Shane, and I will be a Prime Admin (Owner) alongside Zilacon. The Pixelors Network was a Minecraft network that I had owned and was initiated Spring 2015. Pixelors recently had Tekkit Classic and Pixelmon servers, with 240 Discord members and 1,200 website members. And so it has been merged here into APOC.

We have been considering this for a while, between Zilacon and I, and it should really help both sides a lot. There are many reasons for this, first off as both networks have been struggling recently and together that means the expenses from 2 networks now is only costing the amount from 1 network. Which means donations can be better used to accelerate new custom projects, whether they be custom modpacks, plugins, and more. APOC was in need of more staff, so this will help with that as well. We all know that Pixelors has had fairly good servers, but now they will be getting a huge step up. APOC was also planning on having both Pixelmon and Tekkit Classic, of which we already have, so it would both shrink hours in development and remove direct competition. Additionally, Zilacon's (the owner of APOC) expertise is in server development while mine is more-so with the staff and community, so this should play out nicely. These are the main reasons for the merge.

I would like to thank everyone back at Pixelors for their wonderful support by playing on our servers, being apart of our community, helping out as staff, helping out in the development of our servers, for all of your kind donations that have kept us going, and for not giving up on us when we had a low point. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure many here. We have made countless memories. So thank you for everything you've done, big or small, it was very much appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions
I donated on Pixelors, what will happen to my rank?
Please create a support ticket: You will be getting a coupon sent to you shortly that you can use to "purchase" an equivalently priced rank from their website's Shop.

Who are the staff? Did our staff get transferred over?
Yes, check for yourself:

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and seeing APOC continue to grow.