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Players Online | Server IP's located in the "Our Servers" page!
10 Players 1st Server | 1.5.2/1.6.4 Servers
3 Players APOC 1.7.10 Modpack HUB / Mini-Games Server
Donated of $1750.00 goal
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$1 Minimum Donation
    $517.29 / $1750.00
Monthly Upkeep / Bills
All servers have monthly bills. We have a lot of them. Website hosting, teamspeak hosting, domains, advertising, electricity, bandwidth, internet, and many more. Help APOC survive by donating to our cause and help pay our bills. And we will continue to make performance game servers for the masses for free.
Hosting Costs
All servers have hosting costs, in APOC's case its hardware cost. We build and manage our own dedicated servers to ensure everyone gets the best performance possible. But this costs money, a lot of it. So far APOC's servers cost over $35,000 and we need help paying this off to go anywhere beyond where we are now on APOC.
Vote for APOC Gaming!

Voting for APOC helps advertise our network and get more players to join. More players means more friends to meet, more activities to do, more people to challenge, and more fun to have.

So help us out and vote daily. By voting every 24 hours you get in game rewards such as economy, diamonds, and experience and on the website you get store credit to purchase donor ranks free of charge.

Every vote gives you 10 points which equals $0.10 so 10 votes = $1.00 so vote 150 times and get a free perm donor rank. It is really that easy. Plus if you vote I am sure the Deus admins wouldnt mind throwing in a few extras if you asked ;)

To vote simply hover over the Vote menu at the top of the site and select your server. Then click on the vote button on the right hand side of the site and type in your username and fill out a captcha. And in 5 seconds you just voted once, that was easy wasnt it? Now do that on all of the sites for maximum rewards!