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Hey everyone over the past week or so I've been working hard to redo our current donor ranks and perks. Fixing issues with permissions with not only donor ranks but also normal player ranks and voter ranks. And on top of this properly describing the donor perks on the web shop.

All of the donor ranks have been refreshed. New perks, new commands, new booster packs, new key packs, and the old APOC Gear is back in action! Every rank from Knight or higher will get a Booster Pack which will increase your claim blocks, economy, experience levels, mcmmo levels, and faction power. The higher the rank goes the bigger this bonus becomes.

If you do not want to purchase a rank, but want to get the booster pack, dont worry we have seperate booster packs as well. Starting at $5 these monthly packs will keep increasing your plugin stats as long as you keep the subscription active.

We also have Key Packs starting at $5 a month as well that gives you 30/40/50 keys of 2 types.

All of the donor ranks are now controlled by Payday Keys. Upon purchasing a rank, upgrade, or booster on the shop the website will send you a Payday Key for you to redeem. You can redeem this key on every server once. This completely takes ENJIN out of the picture and fixes the ranking issues. Before donors would sit on the server for hours waiting for their purchase to go through, only for enjin to ignore them. With this setup thats no longer an issue.

ALL of the benefits of the ranks are displayed in the descriptions on the web shop here:

I will soon be deploying an update to the network that adds a in game WIKI for apoc related information. These commands will give tutorials and instructions on how everything works for claiming, worlds, teleportation, voting, donating, and more. I am hoping by doing this it will help new and current players better understand how things work on the network, and not have to rely on asking staff so many questions.

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