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Mekanism x3 Ore Processing
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about 1 month ago

This is a Mekanism x3 ore processing plant, from right to left the machines are, Purification Chamber, Crusher, Enrichment Chamber, and Energized Smelter, inputs go into the Purification chamber, then through the rest of the line, to make this happen you need to configure the sides to auto-output the processed items, by first clicking the side config button. (the little boxes in the upper left of the machine's GUI).

Then configuring the sides to auto-output the processed ores, red is input, green is energy, blue is output, and purple is the extra slot,

Make sure to turn on auto-eject by clicking the lock in the upper right of this screen, for our next step we need oxygen to purify the ores with, which is made by putting water into a electrolytic separator. water can come from aqueuos accumulators, everfull urns, pumps, etc.

Then you have to set the hydrogen to be destroyed, which can be done in the separator's GUI by clicking the little button in the lower left until it has a red X shown on it.

Next, you run pressurized tubes from the separator to the purification chamber, as shown above and also provide power, which will be explained in another guide, and your setup is ready to go!

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