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We held a vote on our discord if we should reset the network in December or in January and December won the vote.
So on December 1st, excluding Agrarian Skies 1/2, Sky Factory 4, and Gigapack. All servers will have their world data/plugin data wiped.

Personal worlds are not being wiped, so everyone has a few days to buy a personal world on our shop and move your things to them.
Personal worlds cannot be accessed by anyone except for you and those you invite to your world as a member.
Personal worlds are permanent as long as the server exists, and can be...

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We have been making many changes to the network as of late, fixes, features, etc, all will be listed below.

Network issues fixed:

  • Fixed periotic lag/freezes caused by our servers garbage collection settings. This has fixed the occasional tps drops and freezes every 2 mins on all servers.
  • Fixed connection issues with lower speed internet connections by increasing network packet compression.
  • Fixed worlds not unloading or loading at start up.
  • Fixed worlds not loading when using ...
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Our Hexxit 2 server has been updated to the latest 1.5 version.

Change log: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hexxit-ii.896745/changelog/2238071

Update 1.5 is here!

This is the real deal - The world of Hexxit has been reworked, with new bosses, new mobs, new loot...

Let's go!

  • Twilight Forest final boss - The Twilight Wroughtnaut. Final ending, advancement, and some new surprises throughout the progression. Good luck!
  • Remember the Mystic Shrubs, from 2013's Hexxit? Magic Mirror? Boomerang? Bomb Flowers? The list goes...
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Our Tekxit 3 server has been updated to the latest 1.2 version.

Change Log: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekxit-3-official-1122.1253751/changelog/2236491

Mods Updated:

  • None

Mods Added:

  • Config Anywhere
  • Censored ASM
  • Sledgehammer
  • Mixin Booter
  • Tree Chop
  • Vintage Fix
  • Universal Tweaks

Mods Removed:

  • Bspkrs Core
  • Ding
  • Help Fixer
  • Foam Fix
  • Attribut...
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Our Tekkit 2 server has been updated to the latest 1.2.2 version.

Change Log: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkit-2.1935271/changelog/2235886

  • Added Fluidlogged API, which backports the waterlogging ability, and allows you to build neat looking underwater pipes and many other things! Also added Snow! Real Magic!, which adds snowlogging features and other snow related improvements.
  • Added VintageFix, which improves the loading speed and RAM usage of the modpack, alongside other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added Modern Splash, which features a new l...
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