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APOC Network Changes 11/2023
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Zilacon APOC Owner
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6 months ago

We have been making many changes to the network as of late, fixes, features, etc, all will be listed below.

Network issues fixed:

  • Fixed periotic lag/freezes caused by our servers garbage collection settings. This has fixed the occasional tps drops and freezes every 2 mins on all servers.
  • Fixed connection issues with lower speed internet connections by increasing network packet compression.
  • Fixed worlds not unloading or loading at start up.
  • Fixed worlds not loading when using homes or other commands when unloaded.
  • Fixed worlds not loading when going through modded portals, or using rockets like galacticraft.
  • Fixed teleport requests failing, or saying no request was sent when you clearly got notified of one.
  • Fixed random teleportation freezing you in place until you teleport again.
  • Fixed personal worlds not loading, or not allowing players to join their personal worlds when using their homes.
  • Fixed unable to mine or interact in the nether, end, or other worlds due to it being a fake world incorrectly generated by WorldControl.
  • Fixed weather and time votes not functioning when voting, and locking a player whos voted once out from future votes.
  • Fixed skyblock islands not generating.
  • Fixed skyblock homes not being set to your island location.
  • Fixed skyblock island invites not functioning, or saying an invite wasn't sent.
  • Fixed skyblock islands being overridden when a new player makes an island, spawning everyone at the same island location.
  • Fixed skyblock borders not ejecting non-island members.
  • Fixed keep inventory and exp not saving either on death.
  • Towny purchased chunk limit raised from 32 to 100.
  • Towny per-player chunk limit increased from 12 to 25.

New features and rank perks:

  • New monthly discord packages Noble and Royal which give monthly key packs, items, and amplifiers.
  • New payday amplifiers system which allows you to boost the network and give all players a benefit. Use the AMPS currency obtained from rank purchases or monthly discord subscriptions to activate timed/ranked effects for all players, it is announced to everyone that you gave them an amp. Amps can last as many hours as you want, and can be upgraded to have greater effect strength. Amps range from movement speed to double vote rewards. Read more about it on our discord.
  • New payday tools GUI that allows you to enable/disable all tools and adjust the range of the tools effects.
  • New payday shop GUI that allows you to search for the item in your hand, list shops selling the item, and teleport to those shops. This lists both server shops and player shops. Buying a player shop plot in spawn and setting up shop signs/chests will list those items in the GUI. If you dont want to do a search for item, you can search by shop.
  • Added /spawner command to ranks. (Changes the mob type of a spawner)
  • Added /salvage command to ranks. (Gives back resources from unwanted or damaged tools, weapons, and armors)
  • Added tiered treecapitator to ranks.
  • Added tiered veinminer to ranks.
  • Added tiered harvester to ranks.
  • Added tiered mass miner to ranks.
  • Added a small amount of amplifiers to ranks. (The Royal pack on discord gives the most monthly)
  • Treecapitator block break limit increased for donor ranks.
  • Item Chests and Creative Items added to Royal monthly subscription on discord.
  • Improved boot times by up to 10x by using caching.
  • Improved TPS by enabling gpu processing on the servers.
  • Updated all servers java for more optimizations/performance.

Our websites WIKI has also been making progress lately, with a complete rewards list for all keys on our network. It is quite long, we are looking at ways to compress it. But doing CTRL + F and searching for your server name is a easy way to look at your preferred servers reward list.

We have been making a lot of progress on APOC this year regarding our new website, discord restructuring, new staff, new servers, lots of fixes, and new plugin features. I hope our community will consider continuing to support us by purchasing things on our shop to help us progress far into the future.

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