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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons updated to version 1.54
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Zilacon APOC Owner
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7 months ago

Our Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server has been updated to version 1.54.
Please update your clients before rejoining our server at RAD.APOCGAMING.ORG

Change Log: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/roguelike-adventures-and-dungeons/files/4747793


  • Capped gunners level due to it causing crashes past certain levels
  • Capped a bunch of enchants levels due to them appearing at level 100 when on loot

Quest Book

  • Fixed vampirism quest so that it has correct mob
  • Fixed mirage library quest
  • Fixed gold miner quest
  • Added mini guide for sages due to rework it received
  • New quest section covering the unique crops
  • New quest section covering the mod beast slayer (ancient beast)
  • Removed slaying quest for advanced vampire hunter


  • Added tooltip, jei description and replaced item usage warning for fangs stating players need to do quest (apologies for any confusion caused)
  • Instant kill skills had hp requirements increased before they execute enemy
  • 0.20 > 0.12 (20% > 12%)


  • Tweaked various values for Thaumcraft things
  • Hopefully spell casting now scales better when using the Thaumic Augmentation gauntlets (nothing i can do for the other casting methods)
  • Buffed Primal cutter 10 > 26 damage
  • Added most dims to the various Thaumic Augmentation configs Tweaked Imputus cannon
  • Buffed Imputus generator
  • Slight buff to mechanical power

Beast Slayer (ancient beast)

  • Giant miniboss health multiplier 0 > 13.0
  • Global armor 0 > 3.5
  • Global damage multiplier 1.0¬† > 3.0
  • Global health multiplier 1.0 > 4.5
  • Sandmonster health bonus when tamed 0 > 4.0
  • Sandmonster miniboss health bonus 0 > 7.0
  • Sandmonster spawn 3 > 5
  • Vessel miniboss health bonus 0 > 6.5
  • Disabled damcell due to its drop being redundant
  • Removed pokey and skewer

Unique Crops

  • Added more crops to normie seed drops


  • Liquid wizardry crystals now cause different effects when standing in them
  • Liquid Mana - Have fun
  • Liquid Fire - Sets you on fire, gives combustion
  • Liquid Cold - Slowness
  • Liquid Lightning - Strikes you with lightning
  • Liquid Undeath - Wither
  • Liquid Nature - Poison
  • Liquid Magic - Levitation
  • Liquid Healing - Regeneration
  • Added a bunch of spawners to capsule blacklist
  • Stick block from ancient beast can be crafted back into sticks
  • Fixed spelling errors in warnings for backpack and summoning pendulum
  • Easy harvesting disabled due to have issues with unique crops
  • Reforge Token Changed from 1 > 3 output


  • Removed empty sections
  • Added guide to BiblioCraft basics
  • Added credits
  • Corrected minor errors with misplaced descriptions
  • ... and MORE!


Also updated 21 files

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