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MC Eternal updated to version
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Zilacon APOC Owner
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about 1 month ago

The MC Eternal server has been updated to version
Please update your clients before rejoining our server at MCE.APOCGAMING.ORG

Change Log: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/minecraft-eternal/files/4960200

New Stuff:

  • Added a Custom Pet Buffing System, where you can use specific items on your tamed creatures to boost up some of their stats!
  • Added configuration for items to enable Flight in (most) dimensions where it was restricted!
  • Dilithium from Advanced Rocketry is now known as Mozzarellium.
  • Dilithium from TAIGA can no longer be used in its place, and vice versa.


  • Wand of the Forest Petal change recipe and Un-Fabulous Mana Pool recipe now support localization.
  • Dragon Skull quest in Introduction chapter now accepts Ice Dragon Skulls.
  • LCRDRFS mobs will no longer show up outside of the moon, ever.
  • Reduced Protein yield from BOP Flesh Block.
  • Fixed Dependencies of Creative Mana Tablet quest.
  • Fixed Coin reward from **Ultimate Knowledge** quest.
  • Salt Blocks can now be made with any `dustSalt`.


  • Advanced Rocketry Circuit Boards are no longer extremely cheap to produce in the Precision Assembler.
  • Increased Power Usage of Advanced Rocketry Crystallizer and Chemical Reactor.
  • Doubled Speed of Immersive Engineering's Automated Workbench.
  • Iron Alloy from EnderIO can now be made in several other Alloying devices.
  • Restricted Flight in The Emptiness. (Without its Bypass Key, that is)
  • Updated Mob Capture Blacklist for Betweenlands 3.9 Update, many of its passive mobs can now be captured however!
  • Kikoku is now even harder to craft.
  • Certain Space Dimension items not consumed in Crafting Table recipes now have a tooltip saying such.
  • Vanillafix's Crash Screen now has different text.
  • Reliquary's Tome of Alkahestry now has different text when read.
  • Liquifacted Coal can no longer be made using Coal in a Tinkers' Construct Smeltery.