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Huge plugin/network update to address many issues!
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8 days ago

We have known about many issues with our servers/plugins/mods. When a player reports it, or when a staff member finds it, we log it in our development channel and work towards fixing it. It might not be instant, but we are trying our best to get to it. This year we have been trying to unravel critical issues that have been plaguing our plugins and servers, and have managed to fix a very large list of issues that we just put live!

We will continue making more efforts into debugging and improving our plugins. If you find any problems on our servers, please report them to us so we can properly log them and work towards fixing them.

For the supporters who have bought ranks with features not working correctly, or personal worlds that you couldn't go to or play on properly due to fake worlds, or chunk loaders not working properly, all these issues should be fixed with this update. If not, let us know!

Fixes applied to all servers:

  • Fake worlds should no longer be created, or send players to different worlds or dimensions from which your trying to go to.
  • Worldguard should no longer throw angry red text in your chat and lock down interactions in worlds.
  • spawn, warps, tpr, tpa, world, worlds, dim, dims, back, pw, is, or any other teleport command should be perfectly fixed now.
  • Players shouldn't be spawned in the sky or underground when using any teleport command, including /is.
  • Items no longer fall through blocks or the world on death.
  • Worlds should properly unload when no player is using it after 3 mins or less.
  • ChunkLoaders should now allow tiles to update within loaded chunks.
  • /votetime or /voteweather commands will now allow you to vote in future votes and not lock you out after voting once.
  • Time and weather changes wont apply when the vote fails anymore.
  • Time and weather vote cooldowns are now separated.
  • /ptime will no longer change when a time or weather vote is made.
  • Fixed issues with playerdata not being properly read from the database causing issues with many commands and features.
  • /jump command fixed, properly moves the player 32 blocks in the direction they are looking without killing you or the server.
  • Fixed many response messages for commands to be more compact and clear.
  • Teleport commands no longer report the full decimal value of pi on the coordinates your teleporting to.
  • Fixed physics issues with items on 1.7.10 servers, where it wont allow you to throw items, or items exploding out from where you died.
  • Sand, Gravel, and other blocks with physics will now fall.
  • VirtualChests have been recoded into a better system, however this requires a new database table which means all items in vchests are lost. We are open for compensating anyone who lost items in their vchests by making a support ticket.
  • All dimensions (not overworld) have been reset to ensure all fake worlds are deleted. This means all modded dimensions will be freshly generated with new dungeons and loot. Newly generated chunks will cause lag if exploring too fast, so take your time.
  • Enabled Spawn-On-Join for legacy servers (1.5-1.6) to fix players being kicked for logging out of a world that is unloaded when rejoining.