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Tekkit 2 server updated to version 1.2.2
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Zilacon APOC Owner
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9 months ago

Our Tekkit 2 server has been updated to the latest 1.2.2 version.
Please update your clients before rejoining our server at T2.APOCGAMING.ORG

Change Log: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkit-2.1935271/changelog/2235886

  • Added Fluidlogged API, which backports the waterlogging ability, and allows you to build neat looking underwater pipes and many other things! Also added Snow! Real Magic!, which adds snowlogging features and other snow related improvements.
  • Added VintageFix, which improves the loading speed and RAM usage of the modpack, alongside other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added Modern Splash, which features a new loading screen and includes a patch by developer Desoroxxx that allows players using a supported GPU to use higher resolution resource packs! There's now a new 128x Sphax patch that doesn't have any downscaled textures (currently only Nvidia series 10 and newer GPUs offer increased maximum texture resolutions).
  • Also added SerializationIsBad (patching a security vulnerability found in a few mods), Sledgehammer (fixes various minor bugs), Advancement Locator, and ConfigAnytime.
  • Removed FoamFix (replaced by VintageFix), Startup Timer (included in Modern Splash), DupeFix Project (now included in Universal Tweaks), Fast Leaf Decay (now included & improved in Universal Tweaks), Entity Desync Fix (now included & improved in Universal Tweaks), and Born in a Barn (included in Forge).
  • Updated 27 mods to their latest versions. Some of the updates contain particularly useful fixes, including a fix to the game not responding issue when joining a world or a server, and the recipe dupes/crashes.
  • A few small configuration changes and improvements.

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